Healthy Conversations

Having Healthy Conversations

For Staff

A healthy conversation is a conversation that allows individuals to address their own health and wellbeing by coming to their own solutions with the support of signposting information, to ultimately change their behaviour.

Follow the AAA model for a healthy conversation :

  • Ask an open question and recognise opportunities to discuss health and wellbeing
  • Acknowledge the response by using active listening, reflecting or showing empathy
  • Act – take appropriate action to either give information, signpost to a local service or refer them yourself

Once you have engaged in a Healthy Conversation, there maybe opportunity to act and signpost or refer to a service than can support a person to change their behaviour. For full information on signposting services in addition to Live Well, and a signposting postcode checker please visit :

Remember anyone can have a healthy conversation themed around health and wellbeing. You do not have to be an expert to encourage someone to improve their wellbeing.

A 45 minute e learning package and details of further training can be found on the Healthy Conversation Skills website

For the public

It is not only behaviours such as smoking, alcohol consumption or diet that affect our health and wellbeing. Issues such as debt, money worries, domestic violence, housing and others can also affect our health. Some staff across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland receive training to improve their knowledge, awareness and understanding of how better to support people to make a positive change through their conversations.