Community Wellbeing Champion volunteers

Become a Community Wellbeing Champion Volunteer

Do you have a passion for helping others achieve better health and wellbeing? Do you care about the challenges faced by your community, and want to a voice that helps them to be heard? If so, you could be a Volunteer Community Wellbeing Champion.

What do Volunteer Community Wellbeing Champions do?
As a Community Wellbeing Champion, you will become a trained volunteer, working closely with Public Health at Leicester City Council to improve health and wellbeing, supporting a range of local events, and helping services to engage with your community. You will have the opportunity to shape local services and share your knowledge and experience with local communities, as well as the chance to consult with local people to find out what barriers they face when trying to get their health needs met.

Below are some of the activities that you could be involved in as a Volunteer Community Wellbeing Champion:
• Health promotion: Community Wellbeing Champions deliver and evaluate the impact of health promotion activities and campaigns to groups who find it difficult to access mainstream services.
• Community research: Community Wellbeing Champions undertake research and gather community insight to identify local health and social care needs. This informs service development through an in-depth understanding of different communities’ health beliefs, attitudes, and perceptions
• Signposting and reducing social isolation: Community Wellbeing Champions use their unique position within local communities to connect friends, neighbours, and residents through community events and by supporting them to make best use of local resources, including health, social care, voluntary sector and children’s services
• Co-design services: Community Wellbeing Champions work closely with public sector colleagues to help design and improve services to ensure they meet the needs of local people

What support do Volunteer Community Wellbeing Champions receive?
As a Community Wellbeing Champion, you will be provided with free training to help you carry out your role. You will be given a Welcome Pack including a Volunteer Handbook. You will be supported in your work as a Champion by a Community Facilitator who will provide you with up-to-date key messages around health and wellbeing and Covid-19 and will help you to undertake engagement activities with your community.
All volunteers will be part of the Community Wellbeing Champions network and will receive ongoing support, training events, information, and resources. You will have access to a secure online forum where you will be able to share ideas and experiences, and you will be able help shape the Community Wellbeing Champions role and network as it develops to keep meeting the ever-changing needs of our communities.

Who can become a Community Wellbeing Champion?
We are encouraging people from all walks of life to get involved. Whether you help run a sports club or social group, regularly visit a local venue, run a business that gives you contact with customers, or just have a circle of friends locally or on social media, you can be a Community Wellbeing Champion.
And if you don’t have lots of connections but you have a skill that could be helpful (like a second language) or insight to share from lived experiences of health challenges, you can still play a very important part.
Your connections, knowledge, and skills will help services get information, guidance, and support to those that need it the most, and help your community to be better heard and understood by services in return.

If you are interested in becoming a Volunteer Community Wellbeing Champion please email us to organise a chat with a member of our team.